Ekopak helps sustainable enterprise - Ekopak

Ekopak figured out a solution to use rain water effectively for a West-Flemish paint manufacturer. The objective was implementing an ecological and sustainable system that would also be cost-effective. Thus the recovered water was made useable for plumbing purposes (sinks, toilets and showers) and could also be used as processing water in a later stadium.
With a view to corporate social responsibility, the customer made adaptations to its infrastructure and building and is now able to collect each and every drop of rainwater and to utilize it optimally.
Ekopak designed an installation that first of all purified the rainwater and then disinfected it. The purification of the rainwater is achieved by adding a coagulant to it. This brings about a coagulation product that is filtered out with a two-layered filter. This process removes all of the suspended particles from the water after which the disinfection process can begin.
The disinfection occurs by chlorination. After chlorination, the water goes first to the reactor room and then to the active carbon filter, which absorbs both the organic substances as well as the excess chlorine.
The installation has a constant output of 3 m3 per hour. The water is collected in a buffer tank where it circulates regularly by a UV treatment to prevent contamination. From there, the water is distributed to the company for consumption at peak times.
During dry periods or times when there is little rainfall, city water can also be added to the installation. The installation is not only entirely PLC-controlled but is also quality-controlled according to free chlorine content and turbidity.
Disinfectant dosing: 0.100 euro/m3
Coagulant dosing: 0.050 euro/m3
Filtration: 0.025 euro/m3
Active carbon adsorption: 0.050 euro/m3
UV radiation: 0.010 euro/m3
Electricity for pumps: 0.080 euro/m3
Total: 0.315 euro/m3
PROFIT: 2.185 euro/m3 or 2.185 x 60 x 220 = 28,842 euro/year with a payback period of ± 2 years