Customized water treatment equipment helps sustainable enterprise.

Our specialisation in industrial water treatment provides the perfect solution for any industrial application of water. We provide on the one hand feed water, boiler – and cooling water of good quality. On the other hand, we guarantee to keep your machinery, equipment and installations in good condition. All this within a cost-effective and efficient framework.

We take care of the design, construction and optimisation of subsequent water treatment equipment:

  • Dosing stations: time, volume or qualitative management
  • Blowdown systems: time, volume or qualitative management
  • Disinfection units: chlorination, UV, OZONE
  • Online monitoring: acidity, conductivity, free chlorine, turbidity, flow, pressure, etc.
  • Water softeners
  • Decarbonation
  • Demineralisations with ion exchangers
  • Reverse osmosis units
  • Filtration units: bed, micro, ultra and nano-filtration
  • Iron and manganese removal
  • Activated carbon filtration: absorption chloride and organic matter
  • Physico-chemical and biological waste water stations
  • Disinfection, acidity

Should you require advice or have questions regarding water treatment equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.