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  • Flemish Government grants subsidy to Waterkracht

Flemish Government grants subsidy to Waterkracht

Early this year we announced the Waterkracht project. Ekopak is joining forces with water-link, PMV and Aquafin to reuse the treated wastewater from Antwerp households as process water for companies in the port of Antwerp. Waterkracht aims to supply 20 billion liters of treated wastewater by 2025. We are pleased to announce that the project will now also receive a subsidy from the Flemish government as part of the Blue Deal.

Investment under the Blue Deal

The Flemish government issued a project call in February to encourage water reuse among businesses. Much of the treated sewage water today ends up in watercourses and flows away. To change this, the Flemish government offered 11 million euros in subsidies for companies willing to invest. The investment is part of the Blue Deal, the Flemish government’s project against water scarcity and drought.

Five investment projects have now been selected, together good for almost 155 million euros. Waterkracht is one of the five selected investment projects and also the largest.

New Ekopak factory

Ekopak plays an important role in the Waterkracht project. At the NextGen district in Antwerp, Ekopak will build and operate the plant. Using membrane technology, the purified wastewater supplied here will be upgraded for further industrial applications.