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Since the legionella issues returned to the media last year as a result of a possible infection in the hospital in Aalst, the attention around legionella has been sharpened once again.
Ekopak has been actively engaged with these issues since the legislation of 2004. Today we must conclude that even since the adjustments to the legislation in 2007, the matter is still unknown to many people. Ekopak wants to assist its customers also in this matter and offer the right solutions.
Until recently, we only had few approved alternatives for thermal disinfection which were proscribed in the legislation of 2007.
In 2011 the Flemish government approved oxiperm (manufacture of chloride dioxide) as alternative management tool for the prevention of legionella. A few months later Ekopak installed an oxiperm in 2 hospitals in Ghent as alternative to the present water treatment and with success!
At present, both hospitals are free of legionella on the more than 30 critical sampling points that are checked every three months. One example for many other organizations that, as long as the correct approach and monitoring is used, legionella can be prevented perfectly.