Ekopak is a Belgian company that operates internationally. We recycle and revalue water. Our services guarantee our customers an uninterrupted water supply. This is important for process water in production, but also for drinking water in consumers’ homes.

The challenge

In the future, companies will have to rely on their own production and reuse of water, especially at peak times, and when water companies are unable to meet the demand or when they cannot meet it in full.

The solution

That is why Ekopak offers a specialised range of industrial water treatment solutions, all with a sustainable character.

Saving millions of litres of water? We’re doing it not only tomorrow, but also TODAY

Our approach is threefold: Reduce, Reuse and Revalue. We enable companies to save water, we make it possible to reuse water and we innovate to revalue water.


We enable our customers to save millions of litres of water.  This is ecologically and economically interesting, both for companies and private individuals.


We design, build and operate water management systems for the reuse of all types of water: rainwater, surface water and waste water.


We invest heavily in research and development, because by constantly innovating, we can revalue even more water.

Water is the future; the future is Ekopak


Ekopak was set up in Belgium. The company built container installations to produce ultra-pure water for chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and food companies, among others.


Pieter Loose took over the company and started developing ‘WaaS’ (Water-as-a-Service), among other things.


Marc Coucke joined Ekopak through his investment company Alychlo. This gave a strong boost to Ekopak’s activities and growth. In 2019, Ekopak had installations in eleven countries at the premises of approximately 700 customers, including 400 in Belgium.


  • On 31 March, Ekopak was listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange (Brussels) as a ‘cleantech’ company. The successful IPO received a lot of attention in the press.
  • In April, Ekopak acquired iSERV, a service provider specialised in the treatment of water.
  • In September, the Deceuninck – Quick Step cycling team announced that Ekopak would be one of the shirt sponsors of ‘The Wolfpack’ from 2022 to 2025.
  • Almost at the same time, Ekopak France got off to a flying start. Ekopak is now active in ten countries, including through its first foreign branch.

Our plans for the future

Ekopak wil een vooraanstaande rol spelen in de recyclage en herwaardering van water door:
  • partnerschappen voor waterbeheer uit te bouwen met zowel bedrijven, burgers als overheden
  • steeds meer grote internationale projecten aan te trekken
  • via organische groei en overnames de aanwezigheid en activiteit in verschillende landen uit te bouwen

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