Together for a more sustainable future

Through innovative tailor-made solutions, as of now Ekopak helps companies worldwide recycle almost 15 million m3 of process water every year. But our future ambitions reach far beyond that.

Extreme water scarcity currently affects a quarter of the world’s population. Flanders is the only Western European region with particularly poor marks, coming in at 23rd in the “severe water scarcity" category.

More than 247 billion m3 of water is extracted annually in Europe. Due to global warming, this hasn’t been a sustainable situation for quite some time now. The only solution going forward, is to safeguard groundwater reserves.

In order to allow the latter to replenish themselves, we need to minimize the extraction of process and drinking water, and maximize both purification and recycling.

Ekopak will meet this challenge head-on, partnering up with Alychlo, under the common banner “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle".