Water is becoming increasingly more expensive and scarce - Ekopak

Water is becoming increasingly more expensive and scarce. Companies have to handle water creatively and responsibly. Ekopak will, therefore, during each discussion with your company, determine which water sources are available and how we can treat these to attain the quality you require.
A potato processing company contacted Ekopak because during the summer months the company had experienced a good deal of spoilage and withdrawals in their cut chips.
A significant amount of starch is release during the peeling and cutting of the potatoes, and of course this starch is an ideal growth medium for the bacteria that are present in all of the processing waters of the plant. With the summer temperatures added to the mix, the growth of bacteria was ascertained, which resulted in fermentation occurring in the packaging. After an evaluation within the company, chlorine dioxide appeared to be the ideal product with which to treat the well water there. Today, they work with a minimum residual value of 0.01 mg/l at the last draw-off point, and there is almost no more spoilage. A nice example of how there is a great deal to be gained from the right disinfection plan.